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We are involved in:

Humanitarian Aid

With the support of each one in resources and/or actions, we make our community more sustainable

Campaigns to support reception centers and associations for the disabled

Support communities with training/lectures on entrepreneurship and small businesses

Promote lectures on Peace, well-being, and social reintegration of all social strata

Encourage self-financing to increase production

Promotion of Agricultural Associations and environmental prevention, income generation, security, and social justice

Our Mission

Take advantage of opportunities aiming to improve the well-being of vulnerable communities, especially women, children, and the elderly with priority for province of Cabo Delgado, to develop their intervention capacity against the social and economic scenario. To raise funds to support the first needs of communities, refuges of war, as well as for their social reintegration.

Our Vision

Contribute to the process of empowerment and social inclusion with a focus on women, children, and the elderly. We believe in Mozambican communities capable of leading local development, promoting dialogues, and creating participatory decision-making mechanisms, reinforcing the role of women and young people in society.

Our Values

  • Ethics - Valuing local knowledge and community knowledge.

  • Accuracy - Participation of members in the management of the organization

  • Efficiency - Ability to act in various fields

  • Respectful - Equitable interaction with the entire social stratum

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The Association aims to improve the living conditions of Mozambican society, with particular attention to women, children, and vulnerable elderly people, aiming at raising the living conditions of the population and increasing their capacity for participation and in the development process. Provide a hand of solidarity for the brothers and friends who face and go through difficult times.

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